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Your donation provides relief for those facing the impacts of war.

Donate to Bring Relief and Hope to Those Suffering from War


Working together to bring up to $100 million of relief:


  • Alexandrian Breath, the Non-Profit organization of The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa.

  • CBA Inc, a logistics and shipping firm.

  • LEGIT, Inc., a US 501-C3 non-profit that works with governments and religious leaders around the world providing summer camps, leadership training and building wells in Africa.

  • Tempestas Capital Ltd, an investment house that seeks to invest in profit and not-for-profit initiatives to make a better world for today.


Tempestas Capital Ltd is committing $50 million to match dollar-for-dollar to match your generous gift. 


Your donations combined with Tempestas Capital’s match will be used to supply things like:


•    food
•    medical supplies 
•    water desalination products 
•    chemical cleaners and disinfectants 
•    ingredients for food production
•    much more


We are committed to ensure that well over 90% of all donated and matched funds will go directly to those affected by war. 


Through its current service in war torn areas, Alexandrian Breath will help guide in those products and services most needed in each area. Throughout this endeavor, their service will help bring the most impact per each donated and matched dollar to those suffering the most.


Through their procurement and logistical expertise, CBA, Inc will work to execute the purchase, packing, transportation and distribution of goods and services from our centrally located warehouse. 


Being in service to those most in need, make your donation today.


Together, we can bring relief and hope. 

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